Plans for the future

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                                               A 30-year-old me


        I hope I will be a successful woman in the future. I would like to start my own family and have a family life but I know that I can't do anything without a job. So if I'm trying now, I will definitely find some good job in the future.

       I would like to become a pharmacist. That job is not easy and I have to study hard. Now I am thinking which school to enroll and to make such a decision is not easy at all. I know this is a very important decision because it directs my future. If I were a pharmacist I would help people at any time. My future won't be just my family and business. I will help poor people if I am rich. I would never forget my friends and social life because of my job. If I had some problems, I would first discuss them with my parents. In the future, I will be more optimistic and every day will be some new adventure for me. I hope my hair will still be curly. I won't wear glasses. I will live in a house with a big garden. I will have children and a great husband.

      My wishes are big. If I work hard, it will happen. I believe in that. My hopes are optimistic.


                                                                             written by T.K.

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