My future

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                                       A 30-year-old me


       Future is closer and closer every day. In 15 years I see myself as an artist and by an artist I mean a singer. I have been singing since childhood and it is my passion.

      Music has always been my true love. I believe that some day I will become famous and that I am going to do something that I really love. I am really confident about my singing career and I am sure that I will be successful. Right now I just have to work hard and put all my effort in it. It isn't going to be easy but I'm ready to give a 100% of me. I know that this is just maybe a dream and that many people are going to say that I will change my mind for sure but I am not giving up. I can't wait for the future to see what it will bring to me.

    Singing for me is not just another hobby, it is who I am today and of course who I will be tomorrow...

            Good luck!


                                                                                   written by A.Đ.

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