In sync with my parents

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                                 In sync with my parents


            Parents should be more understanding. For example, my parents behave towards me as they have never been 14 years old.

           I have two brothers and a sister. I'm a middle child so I'm not quite allowed to do anything and I don't have much attention from my parents while my brother can do anything. It's similar with a younger brother, too. My sister and I are left behind. We often argue but we love each other. We mostly discuss the injustice of our parents. I have a good relationship with my parents but they don't care much about my life until I make something stupid or something bad. If there is a bigger mistake, they punish me. They often take my phone. Then I don't talk to them and they don't let me go out. There isn't always harmony in my family. I have very strict parents. They don't let me stay out late or to sleep over or something like that. My partents expect a lot from me and require that I am excellent at school. They think I can always do better. I sometimes feel bad about it. My mother tells me not to talk back but I can't restrain.

        Mostly, I don't understand them, especially their decisions and punishment related to me. I love my parents but they should understand me more.


                                                                                written by M.D.

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