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Chapter 1

         '' What happened, where am I?'', Sarah asked herself. She was surrounded by darkness and dense fog. The only thing that Sarah could remember was a car crash. She called out for help but nobody came. She tried again but still nothing…

           Fog got thinner and Sarah spotted an old broken bridge that was leading to the other side. As she slowly stepped on the bridge, she realized that the bridge was already shaking! Sarah passed the bridge slowly without looking down and she was finally on the other side. Now, she could clearly see everything because there was no more fog.

         A room was filled with broken mirrors, bugs-eaten walls and black sticky water coming out of the floor. Sarah took a closer look at the black pool. A dead head floated out and she jumped back. Still scared, she continued finding the way out of the room. The room got darker and Sarah was surrounded by puppets, a lot of hanging puppets. As she moved, it loooked like puppets were following her. When Sarah got out of the room, she wasn't that tense any more but she was still scared.

        The next room looked like previous one but there was a pile of old broken doll parts in the corner. They were hanging from the ceiling and walls. Suddenly the doll parts gathered making a tall creature. Sarah started running as fast as she could but the creature was getting faster. She had no choice but to hide…


                                              TO BE CONTINUED…


                                                                                                      Written by ArR

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