COMA Chapter 2

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As Sarah was running, she spotted a big old hospital surrounded by red roses. She had no choice but to go into the hospital  because the creature was still hunting her. As she got to the door, she realized that roses are actually white, colored with blood. She  opened fastly the rusty door and closed them. ''Weird, the creature didn't follow me here'', Sarah growled.

            The atmosphere wasn't better at the hospital, old walls and floors, blinking lights, bloody traces coming out of the rooms… Sarah wasn't surprised. She started to walk nervously down the hallway, avoiding broken glass. A tall skinny shadow was standing at the end of the hallway, holding infusion and staring at Sarah. As she blinked, the creature got closer, she blinked again and the creature got even closer. She started to panic and closed her eyes. Sarah felt cold fingers on her shoulder. She screamed and started to run as fast as she could!

            Finally, she got to the second floor. There was a lot of blood on the second floor. Sarah heard death-rattle from the other room. As she was walking, she tripped over broken glass, then she painfully got up and tried to get pieces of glass out of her hands. But the death-rattle was louder and a zombie was standing in front of her looking patiently. He grabbed Sarah and for a moment he wanted to bite her. She took out a piece of glass from her hand and scared him away.

          There was a window at the end of the hallway. Sarah looked through the window and there was a muddy river down there. The river was coming out of the pool, she had only one idea on her mind: to jump out of the window into the pool. So she did. Finally, she was out of the hospital! She got out of the pool all wet and muddy but it was worth it. Sarah was disgusted by the strange traces floating in the river but she continued to follow them. ''I wonder where they lead'', Sarah said.


                                                       TO BE CONTINUED…

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