Apart from regular classes, the following programmes are organized in our school:

  • Mother tongue learning according to the MODEL C – 12 pupils learn the Czech language and 5 pupils learn the Slovak language (not only our pupils but pupils from the entire Zadar County)

  • Optional elective subjects: the German language, Religion, Computer science

  • Facultative learning of the Spanish language

  • Workshops with gifted children

  • After-school care programme

  • Additional extra teaching of thefollowing subjects: the Croatian language, Mathematics, History, Geography, the German language, the English language, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Religion

  • Remedial teaching of all the subjects

  • Inclusion programme (Children with special needs are integrated into regular classes)

  • Extracurricular activities:

                     Grades 1-4: Creative workshops

                     Grades 5-8: Dramma section, Literary section, Journalist section, Librarians, Reading

                                       club, Art section, Young Historians, English workshops, German workshops,

                                       Choir, Young Technicians club, Misionary-Charity section, Liturgical-

                                       Creative section, Young Biologists, Ecological section,

                                       School Co-operative Society.

  • At our school, for many years now, exists and operates “Franko Lisica” School Sports club with many different sections – football, basketball, volleyball, athletics, karate, chess. We also offer our pupils 2 groups of Universal Sports School (group 1: grades 1 and 2, group 2: grades 3 and 4) and 2 groups of Sports playground (group 1: grades 5 and 6, group 2: grades 7 and 8) with the aim of promoting health, movement, physical activity and sport engagement among the young. This programme is free for all our pupils.

  • PREVENTION PROGRAMME: „Life Skills Training”, „Zero Promille”, „For Safe and Encouraging Environment in Primary Schools”, Internet violence prevention, „Safe in Traffic”, Professional orientation programme, health care and social care for our pupils



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