A 30-year-old me

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                                       A 30-year-old me


         I can't quite imagine how I will look like at the age of 30 but I can still predict something. 

         I will have blonde hair because I won't ruin my hair with any kind of color and chemicals. Sometimes, I will wear lenses instead of glasses. I hope and I think that I will be a kind, tolerant and nice person. I will be married and I don't know how my husband will look like. I only know that I will be married to a person who I will truly love. I will have children and I want to raise them to be kind and tolerant people. I hope that I will have the best friend and brothers who will always help and be careful to me and my family. I will live in the countryside because there is peace. I will live in a house because there is more space. My house will be big with a huge backyard and a pool. I hope I will have neighbours who will not be boring and will always help me. At the age of 30 I will achieve something. That means that I will have finished college and I will work in a firm. I will work something that I love and where there is math because I like math.I will spend my free time with my family and children. But I will also hang out with my friends because I want to have some time just for me.

       All these predictions and plans are just in my head and I don't know if they will come true. You never know.


                                                                                     written by A.Š.           

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