The Winter Story

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                                                                                         The Winter Story


         I remember that cold winter... I was wearing a fat jacket and a hat with a fluffy ball on the top.

My breath was warm and my fingers were freezing. A snowflake fell on my nose. Then, it brought me back to reality. I was in front of my house standing and looking into the endless forests and mountains covered in snow. The only friend I had there was a smiling snowman. He only had two eyes and a scarf but he was happy anyway. A stick was his nose and some rocks made his mouth. The forest was beautiful, green trees mixing with untouched snow, a squirrel here and there. A relaxing scenery. It was at night, a bit creepy, the darkness filling every corner of the woods, strange sounds and much more... But I would just snuggle up in my blanket and watch the Moon while wolves howl at it. As winter goes by, I moved out into the city and got back to a busy life.


                                                                                                                              written by ArR

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