Patrick's birthday party

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                                 Patrick's birthday party

           When I was 11 I went to an amazing birthday party.

We came to Patrick's house and waited for his parents to drive us to the cinema.The movie was great. We wanted to watch more but we had to go to a restaurant. On the way to the cinema we were laughing so loud. We came there and we bought popcorns and coke for each of us. The whole place smelled like popcorns and we were so happy. We watched the movie called ''The Secret Life of Animals''. After the movie we went to our cars and went to the restaurant. We were laughing, we were relaxed and calmed. When we got there, we ate a couple of jumbo pizzas and it was great. I took a lot of photos and sent them to my friends. We played in the centre of our town. We were singing and having fun till late at night. We were so excited. Some of us went home and I planned to stay till the end.

                                                                               written by R.Š.

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