My trip to Italy

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                                                  My trip to Italy


        My mum surprised me with a trip to Italy in October last year. I was very excited and happy. My mum gave me my own suitcase and I started packing. We went to Zagreb to my uncle and his family on Thursday. We came very late so I played with my cousins only for an hour. Then we went to bed. We woke up at 5 am and my uncle drove us to the bus station.

      After five hours we came to Padua. It was raining when we got there. We took our umbrellas and walked to the St. Anthony's Cathedral. There was a big beautiful old tree in the middle of the cathedral. The next city we visited was Verona. We came to Verona in the evening and had dinner. I shared my hotel room with my brother. The bed was very comfortable so I slept like a baby. The alarm clock woke me up at 7 am. Eggs and bacon were for breakfast and I had a feeling that I was in England. Verona is a city of love because Romeo and Juliet lived there. I was in Juliet's house and on her balcony. I was a little bit shy when I was on the balcony because everybody was looking at it. There were a lot of people in the yard taking photos of Juliet's statue. My dad and my brother got very hungry so we had lunch. Suddenly some people came and started shooting in the air. My mum got scared but that was a part of the ceremony for tourists. In the evening we visited a beautiful small town Sirmione. It's famous for the biggest icecream in Italy.In the morning we left the hotel and after two hours we were in Venice. We came to the centre by boat. Venice was full of people. I really liked gondolas and big hands holding a building. Venice was very expensive but pretty. In the evening we left Italy and came back to Croatia. 

     I had a lot of fun and I saw a lot of beautiful things. Now I see why people like Italy.


                                                                              written by E.L.


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