COMA Chapter 3

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Napisao/la Antonia Budanko Brkić

   As Sarah was following the river, she saw a really big creepy circus. She didn't want to go inside but she hoped that there is a normal alive person  there. Sarah took a step  and thought:''I will regret this.''

    The circus from the inside was even worse. A carousel with strange-looking horses, a puppet show, leaking popcorns, a haunted house that was creepier than the hospital, a woman on the wheel of fortune. And of course, what is a circus without clowns? A pale clown was still sitting on a chair holding a balloon. Sarah approached the shooting gallery but nobody was there. She was quick because the stuffed animals were made out of animal skin.

   Sarah took a closer look to the puppet show. Suddenly a pupppet appeared! A weird old ballerina puppet started dancing to a strange melody. When the melody stopped, a big puppet jumped out and tried to reach Sarah's hand. Sarah was fast so she dodged the puppet and started running. As she ran by a clown, even he came to life and started chasing Sarah.

   She ran into the haunted house and barricated the door. Sarah didn't want to stay any longer in the haunted house so she started walking fast. She tried to ignore everything she saw but for sure she couldn't ignore a giant spider. The spider was much faster than she and he caught Sarah.



                                     TO BE CONTINUED….



                                                                                     Written by ArR

COMA Chapter 2

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Napisao/la Antonia Budanko Brkić

As Sarah was running, she spotted a big old hospital surrounded by red roses. She had no choice but to go into the hospital  because the creature was still hunting her. As she got to the door, she realized that roses are actually white, colored with blood. She  opened fastly the rusty door and closed them. ''Weird, the creature didn't follow me here'', Sarah growled.

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Napisao/la Antonia Budanko Brkić

Chapter 1

         '' What happened, where am I?'', Sarah asked herself. She was surrounded by darkness and dense fog. The only thing that Sarah could remember was a car crash. She called out for help but nobody came. She tried again but still nothing…



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